The Myths, Musts and Migraines of Migrations

This presentation includes

  • Description of Source, Process, Destination
  • Main modules and Command line tools
  • Anatomy of a custom module
  • Migration groups
  • Migration source: db settings and custom plugin
  • Migration config
  • Analyze the source data, set estimations, client goals and planning
  • Processors
  • Link migrations together (migration_lookup)
  • Chaining process plugins
  • Create a custom process plugin and configure it. Example: Spotify.
  • Tips & tricks: performance, reduced dataset, manual edits

In this session we will explore the Migrate system in D8 core and the contrib modules you'll want to add. I will focus on non-Drupal to Drupal migrations. From a high-level overview of the source-process-destination flow, we will zoom in on the details: How do you define a migration in YAML files? How to link migrated data together? How does a migration fit into the rest of the development process? How does one write custom migrate plugins? How to judge the quality of the supplied data?

Every migration is tailor-made and after this session you should be ready to get started with your own migration, tailored to the needs of your client. Knowledge of the Migrate API is not needed, but I assume knowledge about Drupal's general architecture and the ability to read YAML and PHP code. Being able to say the title of this session five times fast is a plus ;-)