Migration 101

Drupal Migration principles

The Extract Transform Load (ETL) pattern

ETL in Drupal
Operation Plugin type Description Examples
Extract source Data input. Source id. SQL, CSV, XML/RSS, JSON, Spreadsheet, ...
Transform process Maps values, transforms data. Chainable default_value, static_map, skip_on_empty, ...
Load destination Drupal entities or tables. Maps source id with destination id. Supports rollback. node, term, media, file, ...


Migration "templates"

Yaml files that are containing the ETL plugin definition + meta data.


Migration can be runned via the Drupal UI or via Drush.

Event subscribers and hooks

Getting started documentation

Going further

Articles and Presentations

Talk about migrations

  • Slack migration channel
  • Meeting: every Thursday and alternates between 14.00 and 21.00 UTC.